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Apart from God's Word, there is no more important study in the world than communication. Without communication, the Bible would be of no use to human beings. Hence, this page is presented to help improve your communication skills.

Why Articulate well?

Updated: 9.18.20

Do you watch TV or for the younger generation, social media, and have difficulty making out what someone is saying? I watch TV journalists alot, not addictively but alot. Some anchors and other on-air performers appear to assume that they way they articulate their stories is their 'pièce de résistance', that is, it can't be resisted, cuz it's the best!

The journalist might also deliver in monotone, without changing the pitch or tone. This gets boring quickly. I move on.

To articulate well is to speak fluently and coherently, in a logical and consistent way. If you want people to listen to you, you may need to ratchet up your speaking game a little.

Listen to speakers who do these things and try to imitate them. You can learn to articulate well and more people will want to hear you speak and listen to your ideas.

Have a great weekend. jwa

Is One-way Communication good enough?

Updated: 9.15.20

Is one-way communication the best communication possible? That is, if you or I communicate an idea or thought to someone else and he or she doesn't seem to understand, is it correct to think that it's their problem? Yes and no. Yes it could be if they're not really listening and no, it could be that there's not enough information shared with the receiver's mind that helps clarify the speaker's message.

Let's address the "no" part that fits with the transition. Human beings often assume that everything in their minds will be automatically understood, though the message may only contain and share a facet or two of the wholistic imagery, not the complete picture that exists in the communicator's mind (sender's). This is a big limitation to good communication and it happens all the time, every day. Is there a way to "fix" this shortcoming that will mitigate the frustrating fallout? Yes, there is.

A simple key can be employed here. All senders of messages must give enough details surrounding and supporting their messages (turning it to you personally now :) so the receiver can "see" what you "see." Like a painting...details are important. The great artists give a lot of attention to detail.

Hope this helps you with many good communication opportunities :).

Take care and be safe. ~jwa


Form and Substance in Communication

Updated: 8.29.20

Do you know the difference between form and substance in communication?

"Form" means what something looks like, its external characteristics, its packaging. "Substance" means what it actually is, what’s inside. When it comes to human behavior, "form" is what we say we say and maybe mean and "substance" is what we do and what we are.

How often have you been in a meeting or simply visiting with a small group of people and you hear someone consume all the air in the room? That's form with little substance. On the other hand, you likely have been in the presence of someone who shared helpful thoughts and ideas. That's substance. You should now the difference and be able to spot it instantly. Life is better when we do.

All the best.~jwa

------------------------------------- besucherzähler

May God bless you to understand His plan on this earth.~jwa

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