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JW Aust is a long time minister, speaker, and writer. Currently he is a Senior Writer for an international magazine called Beyond Today. He's also appeared on UCG's television and radio programs for a few years as guest and host and has researched, written, edited and reviewed scripts and programs for Good News Radio, Good News Television, and Beyond Today TV programs (click on link below: Beyond Today TV program, "The Beast of Revelation" with Jerold W. Aust).

JW Aust was an instructor of communication at USA (University of South Alabama), an instructor of Christian Communication, Critical Thinking, and Book of Revelation at Ambassador Bible College, Cincinnati. He has been a public speaker for 58 years, taught public speaking for 57 years, and is a communication consultant.

JW Aust published a groundbreaking book on public speaking in 2012 for aspiring speakers who don't want to matriculate in a university setting, but desire to learn the basics of public speaking...with no fear. He also has a published text entitled Ronald Reagan's Rhetoric: Metaphor as Persuasion (California State University, Fullerton: CSUF Library).

JW Aust has a BA in theology/communication, a MA in Speech Communication, and a distance learning Ph.D. in Communication (Summa Cum Laude). He has studied Theology, Liberal Arts, Communication, and Media at four universities and two colleges. His overarching goal in life is to share with humankind its incredible destiny!

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