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Where would we be without cyberspace technology? At once, media is a blessing and a threat. Media can be a blessing to us because it provides the platforms from which we can communicate good, constructive thoughts and ideas, exponentially. Conversely, media can be a threat to family values when it is used for selfish purposes and is designed to play on the weaknesses of human beings, for gain.

The Audio/Video page was created to share with you some good news about mankind's future, first in audio format, and eventually in video format. I'm planning a SHORT PODCAST that I'm working on that I will share on a regular basis. Stay tuned. I think that you will benefit from the Audio/Video page and I hope that you return often to hear some good news about mankind's future and other pertinent, salient social events. Thanks in advance for listening to future messages designed to a) address current social events and b) to reveal your ultimate destiny.

--------------------- besucherzähler

Have a great week!~jwa

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